Chiropractic Testimonials

"I suffered from extreme back pain and I could barely stand in the morning, every step was painful and I could not bend or lift. Not only is my back pain completely gone, but I had many headaches which are now maybe once every 2 weeks. I was on and off crutches for knee pain and swelling which is now completely gone. I had bladder issues such as increased frequency and weakness which is also gone!
I can move, sleep, do aerobics, weight lift, walk and jog with no pain after chiropractic. I now have my physical life back. Work is easier and I can participate in outdoor activities with my 3 kids. I have tried countless treatments over the years and nothing has helped me like this. I came here to fix my back pain and ended up with a complete body makeover!"

- Dani

"The reason I came to Connect Chiropractic is I was not able to sleep on my left side after a hip replacement surgery. I began to suffer from numbness in my fingers and tightness in between my shoulder blades to the point that I could no longer sleep properly. I was in constant pain. I tried many different medications which only provided no long term relief. With chiropractic I no longer have to take sleeping pills and only occasionally take some Tylenol. I am sleeping better, I can now sleep on my left side, most aches and pains have resided, and the numbness in my fingers and tightness between my shoulder blades is gone!
It has made be a believer in chiropractic and happy that I can live my life with less medications!"

- Ken

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